Dragonmeet calling

I’ll be at the Dragonmeet convention in London this Saturday, 1st December. Come and say hi!

I’ll have a little stall just inside the main trade hall. There’ll be books to buy, of course, and I may also be able to give you a few-minutes demo of Jaws and Albion in action. (Though my voice still hasn’t entirely recovered from an autumn infection, so I’ll have to be careful how much talking I do.) I may also take some time out to prowl the halls and sit in on a seminar.

Dragonmeet is very much a trade-based convention, running over just the morning and afternoon. That said, it’s great to see the upsurge in games being run this year (including Albion in the afternoon). And you can also meet well-known designers and publishers in what passes for flesh.


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