Getting in touch

You can email Tim Gray at info@silverbranch.co.uk.

I don’t currently have a forum that I check in with regularly. But I’m happy to chat if you grab my attention!

About me

image-8889-180-sqHi! My name’s Tim Gray and I live in Nottingham, UK. Silver Branch is a business I set up back in 2002 to publish my material in print and electronic formats.

I’ve had a varied history of jobs and self-employment relating to writing, editing, project coordination and admin, self-publishing and web design. I currently help ethical businesses and organisations to share their messages about what they do.

I like playing RPGs, of course, but I’m currently spending more time playing board games.

Silver Branch values

As a publisher, Silver Branch’s distinctive touch is products that are crafted with care and attention to be well written, easy to understand and clearly laid out.

As a game publisher, of course I value cool concepts that are fun to play. I particularly like elegant rules design, aiming for involving and interesting play without the rules taking over.

A short history

I’ve been into roleplaying games with varying degrees of seriousness since at least 1985, and have played all kinds of things. I got bitten by the designing bug a long time back. Actually the project I began with was Albion – and “Silver Branch” is a reference to the regalia of Celtic bards – but that turned out to be a multi-year process with detours into designing other things. The first product I actually released was Legends Walk (the standalone edition with its own system) in 2002. It was followed by products like Questers of the Middle Realms and Jaws of the Six Serpents (licensing the PDQ system), and Albion was finally released in 2011.