Jaws of the Six Serpents

Jaws coverSilver Branch Games takes the fan-favourite PDQ system into the realms of sword-and-sorcery and the grittier sides of fantasy.

Jaws is a self-contained game in a compact, clearly laid out book with evocative art and a stunning cover by Storn Cook. Inside you’ll find:

  • the PDQ core rules
  • additional rules for these genres of fantasy
  • setting outline for the land of the Six Serpents
  • notes on adapting for different settings.

Jaws is in 6x9in format, 132 pages, available from the usual outlets. Check out a few inside pages in the preview below!

And now there’s a supplement, Serpents’ Teeth, with adventure outlines and guidance material for running Jaws games.

What they’re saying about Jaws

The PDQ system

PDQ is a very simple, flexible system created by Chad Underkoffler of Atomic Sock Monkey Press, licensed for this product line. Important facets of characters (and everything else) are described as Qualities made of a freeform description and a Rank, like Good [+2] Quick reflexes. When the situation makes it relevant you can add the Quality in to a 2d6 roll. You can give your character whatever Qualities are most dramatically important. The system provides a simple framework for resolving any type of conflict. It’s popular for convention games and home games where the group wants to get on with a story with minimal preparation.


Jaws character sheet (0.6MB pdf)

Jaws preview pages (0.6MB pdf)


PDQ System Design by Chad Underkoffler, Atomic Sock Monkey Press.
The PDQ System is used under license from Chad Underkoffler; the materials are not necessarily endorsed in any way by Chad Underkoffler, nor is he in any way responsible for the content of these materials unless specifically credited. (c)2008 Chad Underkoffler. All Rights Reserved.