Game industry work

I can also provide help to other companies working on tabletop roleplaying games and boardgames. If you want help with editing text, structuring information or tuning systems, do drop me a line.

Skill areas

I’m a word wrangler with a strong eye for detail and for the way that information needs to be structured and presented as a learning guide for a play experience. I can zap errors and see how to make your text smoother and clearer while working to your style guide and tone.

I’m also a system monkey with experience of lots of rulesets (including developing my own) and the way that mechanics contribute to the feel of play and a setting’s narrative physics.

Recent projects

Conan – Ancient Ruins (Modiphius) – editing

Conan the Pirate (Modiphius) – proofreading

Masks of Nyarlathotep (2017 edition, Chaosium) – proofreading

Conan the Barbarian (Modiphius) – proofreading