Legends Walk!

This is an RPG of superheroes empowered by the gods, heroes and monsters of mythology.

It was the first appearance of the LODE dice-pool system that later got reused in Albion. The aim was to make the game pretty straightforward for character creation and handling in play, while building in tropes of the superhero genre.

Each mythological ‘source’ has a programme of power options that characters can draw from. These blend power staples from the comics with the ancient tales and the occasional weirdness that ancient people bestowed on their mythic characters.

The game also comes with a full setting write-up: the modern world, but in a timeline that diverged from ours with the public appearance of ‘metas’ in 2000. Though in fact the weird history goes back further than that… Countries develop in different ways, and background trends like climate change and technology have their effects.

LW first appeared as a standalone game, with full rules, setting and notes to guide play. It was then converted as a setting for Chad Underkoffler’s supers system Truth & Justice. Both versions have expansions for several different pantheons. Check them out at DriveThru and RPGNow.