Escape from Dragonmeet mountain

Hi to everyone I met at the convention on Saturday. Scroll down for a special limited time offer…

The 7am train was an early start for me, but I found some crazy people (hi Dom!) had beat it by several hours. After dashing through frosty landscapes I reached the slightly less picturesque cityscape of London and made my way to Kensington Town Hall, setting for the annual Dragonmeet event.

I had a sales and demo table in the trade hall, and was able to show Albion, Jaws and Serpents’ Teeth to lots of folks. (Only slightly hampered by the voice problems that have lingered from autumn lurgy.) Thanks to Tim P who ran Albion in the afternoon slot. I was also able to do plenty of networking with other designers and publishers. It’s a very cooperative and interlinked industry; perhaps the friendliness is one benefit of being small.

The organisers had done better with advance communications this year, which apparently had resulted in far more advance tickets sold. I thought it was a bit busier in the hall than last year, though not everyone agreed. Historically Dragonmeet is a trade-focused event, but there was an excellent crop of games being run this time. The London Indie RPG folks had a “games on demand” area upstairs with a continual buzz, thanks to improved publicity, great organisation and of course generous and enthusiastic GMs.

I attended one of the seminars, Ken and Robin (and Simon) Talk About Stuff. So if that gets released as a podcast you can hear me adding to the ambience. I believe recordings of all the seminars will appear in due course: watch @dragonmeet for news. They’d moved to the big council chamber this year, and once I clocked the rather wonderful ceiling sculpture made of illuminated optic fibres I’m afraid I spent most of the time looking at that rather than the panellists.

After all was packed away I decamped to the pub with the Indie RPG folks. I may have been a little too focused on filling myself with pie before the train trip back, but hopefully I was reasonable company!

So Dragonmeet 2012 is slain, making a barely noticeable impression on Kensington in its ruin. But no doubt the brave folk of London and dwarves of Ireland and Scotland will build again…

A post-Dragonmeet offer

If you meant to pick up one of my books and missed out, here are some DriveThruRPG links that’ll get you the PDF versions at 20% off till 8th December, one week after the con. You can find further info on the products through the Games section.


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  1. Richard says:

    Hi Tim

    Albion comes up as “Invalid Discout URL” on DriveThru.

    Richard (ragr)

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