Questers of the Middle Realms – second edition

Questers coverA new edition of this system-light, affectionately humorous take on traditional fantasy games is now out.

You can get the pdf over at DriveThru and RPGNow. A print version will be coming soon.

Questers was my first product using Chad Underkoffler’s light and flexible PDQ system, way back in 2006. There’s been a print version available through Lulu, but as a thin Letter-sized book it was never a satisfying artifact, which led me to do much better with ‘Jaws of the Six Serpents’. Over the last few years I’ve wanted to do a fixed version and make it available through the integrated print option at DriveThru. Finally we’re getting there!

This is really a revised version. The rules and content are pretty much unchanged. But it’s got a new layout and section structure, making it more like Jaws. It’s had another editing pass, and some artwork changes. And it now incorporates the old mini-supplements ‘Character Assistant’ and ‘Ten Magical Thingies’.

Previous pdf purchasers on DriveThru and RPGNow who are set up to receive publisher mailings have been sent a link to get a free update.


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