New Jaws product – The Blizzard’s Teeth

Gosh, it’s a long time since I updated here! I’ve got a new product to let you know about.

blizzards-teeth-cov-200The Blizzard’s Teeth is a Jaws of the Six Serpents adventure of fantasy survival horror by Scott Dorward, designed for convention or one-shot use.

A set of provided characters are drawn together at an isolated keep while a deadly storm howls outside. They’re a dubious lot with secrets and agendas that will drive events. Will they work together in the face of a terrifying enemy?

What you get: the adventure in the same book format as previous Jaws products, plus the player character information repeated on Letter-size pages.

Check it out at DriveThruRPG.


You may also be able to adapt this for use with ongoing characters, if you really want to. You could certainly adapt it for other systems, and there’s a box on the very simple workings of PDQ to help.

This adventure has bad characters making unpleasant choices. It’s probably not suitable for pre-teen players.


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