Try a new game in the new year – sale this week

Happy new year! DriveThruRPG and RPGNow are running a 40% off promotion for the next week to encourage people to check out a RPG they haven’t tried before. I put Albion in, and there are loads of other goodies too.

Not content with that, because I’m in with the cool publishing kids (yo!) I can give you the super sekrit code happynyng2013 for an extra 15% off – put it in the box on the check out page.

So if you were thinking of giving Albion a go, now would be a good time! You can check out the free preview first if you like: the link is at the bottom of the Albion page, or it’s available as a free product on DriveThru and RPGNow.

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  1. Tim says:

    What the heck. Looking at the numbers, I can take 40% off print copies too. Let it be so! (But the extra coupon discount won’t apply.)

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