Albion supplements

There have been several Albion supplements published, as short PDFs. They are available from DriveThru and RPGNow (see right).

Ill Works

Ill Works coverIll Works is a short adventure for newish characters, involving weird science and a powerful curse. It can be set in any town in a forested area.

The PDF also includes write-ups and character sheets for five player characters you can use in your game, plus the sample character from the rulebook ready to give to a player.

The Peril of Cromm Cruach

Cromm Cruach coverOf all the dangers facing Albion, perhaps the darkest is the powerful spirit known as Cromm Cruach. Even the Great Ones fear the power it has accumulated and what its designs may eventually bring to pass. It makes its power felt in Albion through servant spirits and human followers, bringing death… and worse.

This is a mini-supplement aimed at GMs. Thwarting the plans of Cromm Cruach and its minions is a major ongoing source of adventures for player characters.